Join EduMind’s comprehensive course and receive the necessary building blocks to help prepare you for a career in 3D animation. Start by learning the basics of 2D and 3D animation, become familiar with animation applications like Blender, and finish the course with a competence in animation that will attract employers and get you hired!


EduMind prides itself on preparing students for success. Our 3D Animation course includes:

  • 22 Hours/Week
  • 200 Hours of Live Classes
  • 300 Hours of Practicals
  • 10 Core Assignments
  • 1 Practical Hands-on Capstone Final
  • 3-Minute Demo Reel
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Open-source Blender Software
  • Photoshop, Illustrator
  • Laptop or System with Enough Configuration for Blender
  • Creative Mindset
  • Basic Freehand Drawing Knowledge
  • Live Online + Workshops
  • Weekly Online Classes
  • Feedback and Support


Month 1
Learning Outcomes
  • Learn Basics of 2D and 3D Animation
  • Learn How to Use Photoshop Like a Pro
  • Learn How to Make Your Own Films, Games, and Publications


Week 1
  • Introduction to Multimedia
  • Introduction to 2D Animation
  • Introduction to Photoshop
  • Basic Image Manipulation
  • Color Basics
Week 2
  • Working with Selections
  • Transforming a Selection
  • Setting the Current Foreground and Background Colors through Pen Tool
  • Stationary Items
  • Advertising Items
  • Working with Color Mode
Week 3
  • Mastering Layers in Photoshop
  • Layer Style and Filter Effects
  • Automation
  • 3D and Printing in Photoshop
  • Vector Compositing
  • Animating GIF Images
  • Exporting Formats
Week 4
  • Introduction to 3D Animation
  • Introduction to Blender
  • Navigation and Viewports
  • Manipulating the Objects
  • 3D Manipulator and Axis
  • 3D Origin and Cursor
  • Grid Floor and Blender Units
  • Outliner Camera and Lamp
  • Edit Mode (Verts, Faces and Edges)
  • Adding Geometry – Subdivide, Extrude, and LoopCuts
Month 2
Learning Outcomes
  • Learn 3D Modeling with No Prior Experience
  • Learn How to Make Organic and Inorganic Models
  • Learn How to Create Textures by Applying UV's
  • Understand the Different Types of Materials


Week 5
  • Adding Meshes
  • Smooth and Flat Shading
  • Making A House Part (Inorganic Modeling)
  • Array Modifier
Week 6
  • Create a Character Face
  • Create a Character Hand
Week 7
  • Making a Character Leg
  • Making a Full Character
Week 8
  • Seams (UV Unwrapping)
  • Use of Materials & Shader Materials
Month 3
Learning Outcomes
  • Create a Bone Setup to Animate Character
  • Become an Expert on Rigging Techniques
  • Learn to Create and Key Facial Blendshapes


Week 9
  • Shading Organic Models
  • Shading Inorganic Models
Week 10
  • Introduction to Rigging
  • Simple Skeleton Structure with Proper Joint Orientation
  • Constraints
  • Inverse Kinematics
  • Forward Kinematics
Week 11
  • Attaching Bones to Character
  • Weight Painting
  • Shape Keys (Blend Shapes)
Week 12
  • Facial Shape Keys
  • Introduction to Animation
  • Animation Principles
Month 4
Learning Outcomes
  • Set Up Professional Workflows Using Blender
  • Animate Characters with Objects
  • Learn the Postproduction Process
  • Learn the Basics of Dynamics


Week 13
  • Bouncing Ball
  • Varying Ball Weights
  • Human Walk Cycle
Week 14
  • Ball with Character
  • Adding Sound to Animation
Week 15
  • Understanding Lighting in Cycles and Eevee
  • Direct and Indirect Lighting
  • Light Linking
  • Creating Composition and Light with the Shaded Models
Week 16
  • Light Baking and Rendering
  • Final Composition
  • Introduction to Dynamics
  • Active and Passive Bodies
Month 5
Learning Outcomes
  • Explore the Various Types of Dynamic Animations
  • Learn to Animate Clothes and Other Rigid Body Objects
  • Learn the Basics of Particle Animations
  • Capstone Project


Week 17
  • Creating Basic Simulation and Collusion Using Rigid Body
  • Cloth Simulation
  • Simulation of Brick Wall Collusion
  • Introduction to Fluid Effects
  • Creating Fluid Simulation
Week 18
  • Particles
  • Emitter
  • Dynamic Constraints
Week 19
  • Begin Capstone Project: A Three Minute or Less Video Demonstrating Students’ Culmination of Learned Skills
  • Project Will Consist of a Story Created Around One of the Following Ideas: Reduction of Plastic Use, Water-Saving Techniques, Protecting Our Environment, or Following Traffic Rules
Week 20
  • Continue Capstone Project
  • Begin Demo Reel: A Short Video Consisting of Various Clips of Students’ Best Work in Animation
Month 6
Learning Outcomes
  • Capstone Project
  • Demo Reel


Week 21
  • Continue Capstone Project
  • Continue Demo Reel
Week 22
  • Continue Capstone Project
  • Continue Demo Reel
Week 23
  • Continue Capstone Project
  • Continue Demo Reel
Week 24
  • Continue Capstone Project
  • Continue Demo Reel
Month 7
Learning Outcomes
  • Complete and Submit Capstone Project
  • Complete and Submit Demo Reel


Week 25
  • Continue Capstone Project
  • Continue Demo Reel
Week 26
  • Capstone Project Finalization and Submission
  • Demo Reel Finalization and Submission

Career Opportunities

Career Opportunities Upon Course Completion:

  • Modeling Artist (Organic and Inorganic)
  • Texturing, and Shading Artist
  • Lighting and Rendering Artist
  • Rigging Artist
  • Animation Artist
  • Graphic Designer
  • Story Board Artist
  • Generalist 3D Artist

Applicable Industries

  • Gaming Industries
  • Film and Animation industries
  • E-commerce Industries
  • E-learning Industries
  • Automobile Industries
  • Architecture

Course Format

Our 3D animation course consists of a hybrid learning approach. Students will receive 200 hours of Live Online instruction within a limited class size and will be assigned 300 hours of comprehensive, hands-on assignments and homework all designed to test and monitor content understanding. The course will culminate in a final Capstone project and the completion of a demo reel. When students have finished this 7-month course, they will have the knowledge and skillset to begin as a freelance 3D animator or apply for careers within the field of 3D animation.

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn Essentials of Photoshop
  • Learn Essentials of Illustrator
  • Hands-on Training Using Blender
  • Hands-on Training on 3D Modeling, Texturing, and Shading
  • Light and Render Dynamic 3D Animations with Rigging and Constraints
  • Create Particle Effects
  • Prepare for a New Career in 3D Animation

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