AR Features in Our Books

These features enhance the learning experience and memory recognition.

Readers need a mobile device (iOS or Android)—a phone or tablet—to view the AR content. In addition, they must install the free TotalAR app, developed by our sister company, HoloPundits, which specializes in AR and VR. (Instructions for downloading the app are available in the book.)

Using this app, readers can scan predefined images and special codes while reading the book to perform different types of activities:
  • Flash Cards – Each chapter contains a flash cards target. When the target is scanned, readers will be able to view flash cards associated with that chapter in order to learn terminology and prepare better for the exam.
  • Quizzes – A quiz target also appears in each chapter. When that target is scanned, readers can take a quiz associated with that chapter to test their knowledge of the material.
  • Errata List – When a predefined target is scanned, readers can see the latest errata list.
When you purchase the book, you will have one year of complimentary access to the above AR features. However, there is also premium paid AR content* listed below, which is available via monthly subscription at an additional cost:
  • Video Lectures – Each chapter contains a video lecture, available through monthly subscriptions. When a target is scanned, readers can view videos where a subject matter expert (SME) explains the chapter content. This should help readers understand the content quicker.
  • Ask an Expert – When this target is scanned and a monthly subscription is purchased, the reader will be able to send questions to a relevant subject matter expert to clarify information via email.
  • Tutoring – Scanning these targets and purchasing a tutoring package will allow readers to interact one on one with a tutor, who is also an SME, to learn the material with live interaction.

*Premium paid AR content not available for all courses, please see your printed resource for more details.