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Since 2004, EduMind has been passionate about helping people take their careers to the next level. Our subject matter expert ARE instructors specialize in the topics they teach. They have not only spent many years building up architecture students but also serving their communities as professional architects! A combination of our exclusive learning features and expert instruction will provide what you need to succeed on your Architect Registration Examinations.

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Without an ARE License $58,0004

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Unlicensed architects are typically restrained to work on buildings that are under 3 stories tall. 6

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  • ARE Bundle Options Bundling options available— contact us to learn more about registering for a group of courses
  • ARE Subject Matter Subject matter expert instructors ensure you receive specialized teaching.
  • ARE Workshop Problems Workshop problems allow students to practice the numerical skills needed on exams.
  • ARE Downloadable, Instructor-Provided Course Notes Downloadable, instructor-provided course notes provide concise outline of material.
  • ARE Study Hub Study Hub provides access to innovative learning tools, flash cards, and more!
  • ARE Option Submit Option to submit questions to instructors to clarify concepts or concerns.
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Course Options


Course Includes: All Six Division Access + Lecture Videos + Question Bank ($190 value) + Flashcards ($60 value)

Course Includes: All Six Division Access + Lecture Videos + Question Bank ($190 value) + Flashcards ($60 value)  + Questions to Instructor + Money-Back Guarantee

Course Includes: All Six Division Access + Lecture Videos + Question Bank ($190 value) + Flashcards ($60 value) + Questions to Instructor + Money-Back Guarantee

ARE Project Planning and Design

The Project Planning and Design division of the ARE 5.0 reviews the preliminary design of buildings and sites through conceptual design, design associated with sustainability and the environment, and with codes and regulations such as universal design.

PPD Content Areas Include:

Environmental Conditions and Context - The Environmental Conditions and Context area examines the conditions of the site and context in building design based on site analysis examining building location, sustainable practices, and influence of neighborhood.

Codes and Regulations - The Codes and Regulations area examines the role of zoning, environmental requirements, and building codes on design. It also includes the layering of multiple codes in the design of a project.

Building Systems, Materials, and Assemblies - The Building Systems, Materials, and Assemblies area determines the implementation of structural systems, mechanical systems, and assemblies and materials that meet regulations, program, and budget constraints.

Project Integration of Program and Systems - The Project Integration of Program and Systems area covers the determination and integration of building systems, program requirements, environment, and contextual conditions in building configuration.

Project Costs and Budgeting - The Project Costs and Budgeting area covers cost evaluations and design process, considerations due to cost, and design alternatives.

ARE Project Planning and Design Features

Our Review Courses for Each Division Feature Refresher and Workshop Sessions:

Refresher Sessions - These prepare students by reviewing topics that are critical for the ARE 5.0. This section will allow students to experience theory and high-probability problems. Approximately 60% of the total class time is spent on refresher sessions.

Workshop Sessions - These allow our students to practice and solve problems that are standalone and require numerical solutions. Approximately 40% of the total class time is spent on workshop sessions. The workshops consist exclusively of solving problems, which is critical for the ARE 5.0.

ARE Project Planning and Design Material

EduMind will provide each student with several pages of handouts prepared by our instructors as a guide for the review course. This material is available immediately for those taking the Ondemand review course and one week prior to the first class for those taking the Live Online review course.

Each student should have the following publication to use as a reference during the lectures:

ARE 5.0 Handbook
You can download this handbook from the NCARB website by clicking here.

ARE Project Planning and Design Testimonials

ARE Project Planning and Design FAQs

The ARE Project Planning & Design exam is an exam designed and administered by the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards (NCARB) focusing on the preliminary design of sites and buildings.


Results for the ARE Project Planning & Design exam are usually processed within one week of the test date. You can also view provisional feedback directly after the exam, but this feedback is not official.


When considering how much time is necessary to prepare for your ARE exams, you should expect to take three months and/or 50 to 55 hours studying for each division. Study efforts should consist of a combination of the following: rereading review materials, taking practice quizzes and exams, watching course videos, and/or working through practice problems.

You will be provided a calculator within the ARE software to use during exams. No other calculators are allowed.

There are 100 questions on the ARE Project Planning & Design exam. It is 5 hours in length including a 30-minute break.

The ARE Project Planning & Design exam consists of the following item types: multiple choice, check-all-that-apply, quantitative-fill-in-the-blank, hotspot, drag-and-place, and case study.

There are various suggested orders to take the six ARE divisions in, but one popular plan is to take them in the following order: Practice Management, Project Management, Programming & Analysis, Project Planning & Design, Project Development & Documentation, and then Construction & Evaluation.

To pass the ARE Project Planning & Design exam, examinees must earn a score equal to or greater than the exam’s cut score (the minimum score required to pass).

The pass rate of the ARE Project Planning & Design exam was 47% in 2021.

To qualify for the ARE Project Planning & Design exam, you must meet your state board’s education requirement and receive eligibility to test from that board. You can check your jurisdiction’s requirements through NCARB’s licensing requirement tool.

You can retake a failed ARE division as soon as 60 days after your previous test date, but you can only take the same division three times within any twelve-month period.


*See refund policy for more information.