Pass PMP Exam the Day after the PMP Review Course!

  • 09 April, 2014

"Take Project Management Training with EduMind and Pass PMP Exam the Day after the Review Course"
"Reserve your PMP Exam date even before completing the PMP Prep Classes"
As a Project Manager, take the first step in your career development by obtaining the Project Management Professional Certification (PMP). Getting the PMP Certification means that you have proved your excellence in the field of Project Management with global standards. To get the PMP Certificate, you have to pass the PMP Exam conducted by Project Management Institute (PMI).

PMP Certification requires an intense PMP Training, as the PMP Exam is conducted based on real-time situations. Thus, PMP Review Courses will help you to prepare for the PMP Exam in a systematic approach. PMI has authorised some of the best training institutes in PMP Training as their Registered Education Providers or in short (R.E.P). Further, taking the PMP Training from the R.E.P will help the PMP Aspirants to learn the key concepts that are required to pass the PMP Exam.

EduMind is one of the best Registered Education Providers, which has instructors with 30+years of experience. EduMind and its associated training institutes have been training professionals of various backgrounds for nearly a decade with more than 650,000 hours of successful student participation.

EduMind offers courses for the PMP Aspirants to attend the PMP Exam the day after the review course. It will help the professionals to get the momentum going towards the PMP Exam and boost up their confidence.

Note: The historical data reveals that the PMP Aspirants who take the PMP Exam within one week after taking PMP Review Course have 90% pass rate compared to the aspirants who wait more than a week to take the Exam.

How it helps the PMP Aspirants?

1. Attending the Exam, the day after the review course will boost up your confidence in taking the Exam
2. It helps to get rid of your Exam Fear and stress
3. It won't allow momentum towards the exam to dip down
4. It increases your chances of passing

EduMind's PMP Exam Prep Course will allow the PMP Aspirants, to get their 35 Contact hours even before the start of PMP Exam Prep Classes. Thus, you can reserve your exam dates during the PMP Training classes.

Process Overview

Attend online "Introductory on Project Management Course". Get Print of Your Certificate for 35 hours of Project Management Education (required for PMI Application). Reserve your Exam Dates during the PMP Review Course. Take the PMP Exam the day after the Review Course. Breeze through the Exam with confidence and pass the PMP Exam

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