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  • 08 July, 2014

"Nothing is softer or more flexible than water, yet nothing can resist it" Lao Tzu quotes
"Try our flexible Corporate Training... Voila! Your Employees won't be able to resist Passing the PMP!"
Many Corporations, of late, have recognized the need for a certified PMP's contribution to an organization. They may feel that their organization needs to increase a particular team's knowledge base about Project Management while focusing on specific areas.

To fulfill the needs of corporations, we offer flexible PMP Courses to update their teams on the latest insight and information on Project Management in the specialized areas of their choice.

Our tailor-made PMP Courses, for companies of any size, help to build the Project Management knowledge base of your employees with a PMP Certification. If you have identified a need within your organization to upgrade your team of Project Managers or see value in your employees obtaining a PMP Certification, then we can be your one-stop shop for your PMP Exam preparation course requirements.

Our Star Attractions

1. 4 days of intense classes to get your employees ready for the exam in record time and with increased confidence in taking the test.
2. FREE 35 hours Certificate even before your first prep classes.
3. Guidance for your PMI Application process.
4. Keep you prepared even after the classes are over, with our "After Course Study Support System"
5. "Live Interactive Online Group Study Lab" for a peer-to-peer discussion experience.
6. No Payment processing until 3 weeks prior to the start of prep classes.
7. Experienced Instructors will provide you with the right amount of challenge and inspiration for well-coordinated classroom training.
8. Risk-free enrollment will give you the security of flexible cancellation.

Flexible PMP Exam Review Course options:

1. On-Site Training - This option allows you to have the onsite training at the location of your choice. The training could be given in a familiar work environment for the participants of the PMP Exam Prep Course. Hosting the training at your location ensures good camaraderie and an interactive study space.

2. Weekday or Weekend Classes - Our training classes are available at flexible times. If you would like to block off four days in one week to enhance your Team's knowledge base on Project Management, then you may use the Weekday Classes. If your Employees are available only during the weekend, you may use the Weekend Classes.

3. Live Online Classes - This particular option is available for organizations when there are commuting issues or if the participants in the course are from various states. If, the goal is to getting their special team to upgrade their project management knowledge based on the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide) 5th Edition concepts, then it is quite possible the company will benefit from a Live Online Classes.

4. Customized Classes - No two people are the same and likewise no two companies will be the same. We, at School of PM, understand this diverse environment well and aim to provide the right kind of tailored training classes for everyone. The course can be tailored to a area of specialization as per the organizations request. This ensures that an area of expertise is polished and test taking skills are enhanced to support the exam takers. The organization not only makes the best use of their time and effort but also makes certain that they have the best qualified team.

5. Affluent Off-Site Locations - School of PM wants to ensure that corporate participants not only make the best use of their learning from our PMP Training but also feel encouraged to join in the learning experience. We understand to do that, there is a need to be in an optimum level of comfort. School of PM conducts classes at affluent hotels and conference centers which have the technology needed to make the training engaging for the participating PMP Exam takers from your organization.

We believe in providing the best of educational services to support and enhance the common goal of organizations for their employees to earn their PMP Certification. Our expert training would provide understanding of complex projects.

Contact our Corporate Account Representative and increase your team's knowledge of Project Management and earn that prestigious PMP Certification.

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