Techniques To Improve Your MCAT CARS Scores

  • 28 January, 2016

Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills notoriously known as CARS has been treated as a dreadful subject by many medical aspirants. However, you should not let the notoriety of the subject bog you down and loose a chance to raise your score while taking MCAT CARS.

Ground rule to follow when it comes to tackling the MCAT CARS is to recognize the problems first. You need to ask yourself these questions?

1. Am I running out of time?
2. Am I not reading enough?
3. Am I reading through the material quickly?
4. Do I spend time to understand the question?

Once you've recognized these problem areas, all you need to do is to understand and implement the techniques that will definitely help you improve your MCAT scores.

Most of the time to succeed on MCAT CARS, MCAT Exam Review Courses and MCAT Prep course require you to tone down wee bit and make these adjustments in your usual preparation method in order to get better results.

1. Train your mind to read fast

Experts have proven that you tend to read faster if you are reading a subject of your interest. In this case your attention and concentration level is higher. However, when you read newspaper or any book that does not interest you, you lose focus. How does this help you improve your MCAT CARS? The answer is by reading a subject of non-interest for at least 30 to 40 minutes every day. This way you are tuning your mind to get used to a new subject. After a short while you would have trained your mind to pay attention to a subject that initially did not interest you. Soon you will find yourself reading faster, more efficiently and understanding the complexities of MCAT CARS well.

2. Invest time in reading the passages / questions

The primal fear every student possesses while appearing for MCAT CARS is running out of time. Most often consumed in fear, you tend to read through the question quickly that you end up missing out on crucial information. In the affinity to save some time you actually end up missing out on the aspects that could cost you to lose points while taking the MCAT CARS.

You can get yourself an MCAT CARS prep book or CARS practice bundles comprising of passages that can help you with practice passages. Once you practice reading and you find a passage confusing, stop and go back to read it again. Try and inculcate this habit of reading and rereading to clear any element of doubt or confusion.

By adopting these techniques, when the time comes to appear for the MCAT CARS exam, you can be rest assured to be well equipped to attend the exams and score well.

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