How To Create The Perfect MCAT Study Schedule?

  • 21 March, 2016

Achieving success doesn't come easily. No matter how great or trivial a task maybe, planning ahead shoots up your chances of success. The same goes for MCAT prep. With lot of time constraints, pre-meds find it extremely difficult to squeeze in 300+ hours for MCAT prep and online MCAT classes. The best way you can beat the odds and ace the MCAT is by planning a perfect study schedule.
While the perception of what's "perfect" may differ from person to person, we bring you the ideal way you can chart a study plan:

How To Create The Perfect MCAT Study Schedule?

1. Familiarize

Before charting out a proper plan, it is wise to know what exactly you'll be dealing with. Know how the exam will be administered, what will be asked, the number of sections and questions etc., before proceeding. The AAMC Official Guide to MCAT gives a detailed overview of what the MCAT is all about

2. Determine length of study

Ever wondered how there's always that one kid in class who claims to study for a few hours and still gets an A+? This is purely based on an individual's competence in the subject. While some may grasp concepts quickly, others may struggle with the same. So, give the outline a look and figure out the approximate amount of time you'll need. After all, no one knows you better than yourself.

3. Weigh out your strength and weaknesses

Go through all the sections of the MCAT and rate each section according to their difficulty. Are you quite the whiz when it comes to Physical Sciences? Then push off your study for the section towards the very end of your planned prep. If you're finding a section too difficult to cope with, don't waste time trying to make sense of it. Instead, enroll into an online MCAT course like EduMind's Core Specific Training at once and make your online MCAT prep easier.

4. Plan each day

Once you've followed all the above steps, here comes the most crucial part: How should your day begin and end? Most argue that studying hard every day is the key to passing the MCAT. However, we believe that studying smart is more important. Do not overdo it and keep the prep time per day to a minimum, say, 3 hours. Enrolling into an online MCAT course during the weekend is another way to minimize the prep time you spend each day.

5. Give it a rest

Remember, you do have a life beyond your MCAT prep. Your hobbies, your passion, your creative instincts - do not kill them all to give way for your MCAT prep and online MCAT classes. Dedicate at least one day in a week to do non-MCAT stuff. This will help your mind relax and eliminate pre-MCAT stress. So, while planning the study schedule, be kind to yourself and consider your other interests as well.

With these steps you can chart out the 'perfect' study schedule. Follow the study schedule sincerely and watch as MCAT success follows you.

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