Debunking the Top Five Myths Surrounding the LSAT

  • 30 May, 2016

With law school admissions just around the corner, innumerable students are gripped with the LSAT fever. Considered to be one of the most nerve-racking tests in existence, the LSAT has sparked off quite a debate amidst first-time LSAT applicants. Do you have to be a born genius to ace the LSAT? Can you beat the odds with an onsite LSAT prep class? What defines a good LSAT score? With varied perceptions offered on these questions, we decided to break it down to the basics and debunk the top myths surrounding the LSAT

Myth #1 The LSAT is a test of your intelligence. One can never learn how to exude intellect.
Is it? Some of the world's best minds were drop outs or performed so poorly that they were considered a lost-cause. Yet, they've managed to wade through different phases and have emerged as achievers. LSAT isn't about rote memorization and regurgitation of facts and information. Rather, it tests your mental skills, which is why this myth has been doing the rounds a lot lately. A few geniuses are born, but most are made with time and effort. With practice even the worst sculptor can perfect his art. Why should the LSAT be any different?

Myth #2 An outstanding GPA can help you shine in your Law school admissions
Most applicants tend to take the LSAT lightly owing to the fact that they have an outstanding academic record. An excellent academic record indicates your dedication and learning calibre, but does it assure you a place in a law school? No. What you've learned throughout the years has minimal correlation with what you're about to learn in law school. This is why your undergrad scores are most likely to be disregarded, while a good LSAT score does all the talking for you.

Myth #3: Nothing good ever comes out of LSAT prep classes
That's purely subjective to the kind of online or onsite LSAT prep classes you take. Most LSAT prep classes are split into two categories; the ones that swindle your money and offer nothing in return and the ones that genuinely help you achieve good scores. Remember, one rotten egg, doesn't compromise the sanctity of others in the basket. Choose the best LSAT prep class and watch how it helps you pave the way to LSAT success.

Myth #4: Retaking the LSAT exam can be disastrous
Whoever thought that retaking the LSAT exam puts their application at a disadvantage, couldn't have been more wrong. Most law schools are considerate enough to disregard the lower first scores and take your LSAT retake scores into consideration. So if your first attempt didn't go down well, don't worry. Make sure you right your wrongs, register into the best LSAT prep class and retake the LSAT exam without any misgivings.

Myth #5 You can sail solo
There's no doubt you are intelligent and you trust your instincts more than anything else. It's easy to fall prey to the 'know-it-all' complex. But did you know that, 'we' works better than 'I'? There are a lot of aspects of the LSAT, which you'd be unable to understand alone. In such a situation, you need the help of others to provide valuable insight. Right from your onsite LSAT prep class instructor to your friends - anyone who is not you - can help you set things in order.

Stay on top of the game, by getting your facts about the LSAT right!

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