Should You Join A Pre-Med Club?

  • 09 June, 2016

There are countless individuals who dream of getting into a good medical school and becoming a doctor. Right from MCAT exam reviews to maintaining excellent academic records, they've probably done everything it takes to reach their goal. So how do you ensure that you get noticed among tremendous other talented applicants? To start with, simply enrolling yourself in an MCAT prep course and getting a high MCAT score, but that alone is not sufficient. There are several other factors that can cause medical schools to take notice of your application. One such way you can get noticed is by joining a pre-med club.

Do you need it?

Some believe that joining a club is a waste of time. They think just getting good grades will get them into medical school. But the reality is quite different. Just like you absolutely need an MCAT exam review course to get good MCAT scores, you need a club membership to fare better in medical school interviews. If you're still confused on whether or not you should join, read on to explore the benefits of joining a pre-med club

1. Exposure

Preparing for medical school simply demands too much. You might find yourself immersed in books and get completely cut off from social interaction. The biggest perk of joining a pre-med club or organization is that you'll get to meet and interact with other pre-med hopefuls. This also facilitates knowledge-sharing and can help alleviate your fears regarding the med-school application process.

2. Gain Relevant experience

Pre-med clubs offer plenty of opportunities- starting from involving yourself in several programs to gaining relevant experience in the medical world. Simply signing up for a club with the aim of adding it to your resume isn't going to help. You're likely to be asked extensive questions during your medical school interview. The only way you'll be able to answer such questions confidently is by getting completely involved in the club.

3. Improve your leadership ability

You do not have to opt for clubs that are related to the medical field. There's always a choice for you to sign up for something you like and excel at it. Medical schools place individuals with leadership qualities in high regard. So if you manage to join a club you love, excel in every aspect and climb up the ranks to become a leader, your chances of success with the interview are high.

4. Get valuable assistance

Let's face it: no matter how confident you are, having a support and mentoring group can assist you more than anything. A pre-med club can assist you in completing the medical school application process, help you with your MCAT prep course, acquire letters of recommendation etc., Nationally recognized clubs like the American Medical Student Association can also provide access to scholarship opportunities.

5. Access to resources

Is your preparation for medical school restricted to MCAT exam reviews? Sure enough, it will help you get an excellent MCAT score. But is that everything you need? Pre-med clubs can help you gain access to invaluable resources that can help you better yourself. Regular workshops are arranged wherein you can get a firsthand account of what it takes to survive in the medical industry from practicing doctors and experts.

Still debating on whether or not you should join a pre-med club? Remember, that while it is not mandatory, it is the most fun and enriching way of adding more value to your application.

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