Getting ready for the MCAT? Flashcards may be your favorite learning tool!

  • 29 March, 2019

Flashcards are often dismissed as a learning tool meant for children. In fact, flashcards can be used by anyone because they can strongly influence memory and season it for the most overwhelming examinations like the MCAT. Flash cards are more than a fancy learning tool and have the ability to create a strong impact on the learning experience of a student.

Getting ready for the MCAT? Flashcards may be your favorite learning tool!

What is a flash card?

Flashcards are paper cards with questions on one side and the corresponding answers on the other. They are easy to carry around, can be stored easily and have been in use since the 19th century. MCAT flashcards have become an integral part of MCAT drill sessions. Reputed global educators have used the concept of flashcards in building mobile applications in order to satisfy the needs of tech-savvy students today.

How do flash cards help prepare for MCAT?

  • Studies indicate that students can use two types of methods to recall what they have learnt - passive recall and active recall.
    1. Passive recall like reading and watching a video helps to passively recollect the subject learnt so far.
    2. Flash cards can also be used for active recall which stimulates the brain to think and then compels it to retrieve information learnt earlier. Experts recommend active recall as a more effective way of studying.
  • Flash cards help students to learn the important concepts of MCAT at their own pace. Flash cards can be carried around easily and can be easily used to learn and recall lessons on the move. They help to break down big chunks of information into smaller and easier pieces of facts.
  • Flash cards help in self-testing one's knowledge and research shows that self-testing one's knowledge continually, can improve retention of information for a longer time period.
  • Image flash cards built through online mobile application deliver the power of visual learning and helps MCAT students to build their comprehension power.
  • The MCAT exam tests the verbal ability of students and the subjects like chemistry and physics are filled with new definitions and facts. Research reveals that flash cards are ideal for learning new words and definitions.
  • Ultimately, drill sessions on MCAT that use flash cards allow students to score better marks by having a strong psychological impact on them.

Students preparing for MCAT exam must include the flash cards as part of the toolkit in order to take advantage of all the above benefits.

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