PMP Exam Content Is Changing

  • 17 November, 2020

The Project Management Institute (PMI) is changing the PMP exam content effective January 2, 2021. You can locate the new Exam Content Outline (ECO) on PMI's website here. The ECO outlines the Domains, Tasks, and Enablers that will be covered on the exam.

Please note that the PMP exam is available to take online; you can find more information about this process on PMI's website.

Outline of Changes to the New PMP Exam Content

The new exam content will incorporate approaches relative to the value delivery spectrum. Approximately half of the exam will represent predictive project management approaches, and the other half will represent agile or hybrid approaches, all of which are found throughout the three domain areas listed below.

The following image identifies the proportion of questions from each domain that will appear on the exam:

PMP Exam Content Is Changing

Content Area Definitions and Examples

Each domain has tasks and enablers associated with it. Per the ECO, PMI defines the content areas as follows:

  1. Domain: the high-level knowledge area essential to the practice of project management
    1. An example of a high-level knowledge area would be People
  2. Task: the underlying responsibilities of the project manager within each domain area
    1. An example of a task would be Manage conflict
  3. Enabler: illustrative examples of the work associated with tasks
    1. An example of an enabler would be to interpret the source and stage of the conflict

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