Three Business Applications of 3D Animation

  • 20 July, 2021

Toto, I've a feeling 3D is not in Kansas anymore. The days of 3D animation being used strictly for entertainment like movies and games are no more. Many different businesses, including marketing and advertising, medicine, and architecture, rely on 3D animation to not only increase brand recognition, but also to drive conversions1. 3D animation is so attractive to potential customers because dynamic motion draws the eye and information can be conveyed quickly and concisely with little to no reading required. Posts that include visuals produce 650% more engagement than posts with text only2. This blog article will examine three sectors outside of the entertainment industry that have turned to 3D animation: marketing, medicine, and architecture.

Three Business Applications of 3D Animation

  1. Marketing

    One of the most important ideas in marketing is to catch the customer's attention. In the past, advertisements have relied heavily on text marketing in the forms of witty phrases, buzzwords, and emotional appeals. Considering that people today have eight-second attention spans that are consistently declining3, it is no surprise that ad agencies are investigating 3D animation as a new marketing strategy.

    • Not only do we process visuals much faster than text, but we are also more likely to watch videos than to read bulk text4.
    • Users typically end up spending more time on a page when they are watching a video5.
    • Regardless of physical proximity, customers can view and interact with 3D renditions6 to understand what they look like and how they work.
    • The sharing capabilities of 3D animations are also an asset in marketing.
    • 3D animations placed on a website can be shared to various phone brands or computer brands and accessed anytime, anywhere.
    • The sharing of 3D content with strategic brand placement results in better brand recognition, leading to increased rates of trust7.
    • Including an interesting, dynamic video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by up to 80%8. . . What company could refuse that?

  2. Medicine

  3. The medical industry relies on interactive, hands-on learning approaches during education and training. In the past, the only ways to represent body systems and the mechanism of action (MOA) of devices and drugs have been in static images. 3D animation has allowed for more engaging and dynamic representations of these processes.

    • Sales representatives for medical devices use 3D animation to demonstrate the ways their medical technologies can be applied, and these animations help doctors visualize how they would place the devices during surgery9.
    • Not only do these animations help doctors and surgeons visualize medical procedures, they also are beneficial to explain concepts and procedures to patients10.
    • Most patients are not experts in anatomy, so these animations are helpful in giving them a clear and detailed depiction of the actions their surgeon or physician will take.
    • 3D animations can be used in medical device and tech development as well, with engineers able to apply constraints to movement and test different variations of a device virtually without physically producing a single part11.
    • The use of 3D animations within medical industries increases doctor and patient communication and understanding of procedures and reduces marketing and medical device planning costs.

  4. Architecture

  5. Architects take their clients' visions and make them a reality. With 3D animation, buildings can be constructed in virtual space and manipulated far more easily and cost effectively than in the physical world.

    • In the beginning stages of a project, architects need to draft their ideas based on the clients' goals.
    • Previously, these stages would include an architect toiling over a work desk with a pencil and paper, sketching, erasing, and sketching some more.
    • 3D animation now simplifies these planning processes, allowing architects the ability to draft structures, make changes to them, and view them from different angles12 virtually.
    • Animations allow architects to apply textures, colors, and finishes to different elements on the structure, giving the client an accurate depiction of how everything will look together13.
    • If the client doesn't like a certain element, that element can be changed easily and quickly to reflect on the client's suggestions.
    • Different versions of the project can be lined up together to show the progression of implemented changes from start to finish.
    • Later in the project, animation can be used to demonstrate interior design ideas, like wall colors, flooring, and furniture.
    • These designs can be changed with a few clicks.
    • 3D animation allows architects to share their ideas and make design changes with their clients in an easily understood, visual format.

More and more businesses and industries are recognizing the benefits of implementing 3D animations in marketing, training and education, and product development and design. 3D animations help customers and clients visualize and synthesize the presented information, increasing their interest and decreasing bounce rates.


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