Award-Winning Exam Prep Courses from EduMind

  • 10 December, 2021

EduMind has been helping individuals pass their professional certification and licensure exams since 2004. We have not only been a leader in innovative learning technology but also have developed numerous resources like our Study Hub and Question bank to help our students succeed. And our students aren't the only ones to notice our efforts in streamlining and optimizing our exam prep courses. Our efforts have garnered positive attention from several different organizations that provide reviews on exam prep companies. In fact, we have received numerous first and second place rankings for our prep courses and study materials in ARE®, PMP®, and NCLEX®.

Award-Winning Exam Prep Courses from EduMind

1. ARE Exam Prep

The Architect Registration Examination (ARE) 5.0 is a six-part exam that is designed to test your skills regarding the practice of architecture. Each part reflects on one of the six divisions such as practice management, project management, or project planning and design. One special aspect about this exam is that taking your first exam triggers a rolling clock-after your first exam, you have five years to complete the rest of them. Considering the grueling and challenging nature of these exams, most people opt to supplement their preparation efforts with an exam prep course or additional study resources. The Balance Careers is a site that provides "clear, practical advice on job searching, resume writing, salary negotiations, and other career planning topics..[w]hether you're looking to find a new job, advance at your current position, or explore new paths. "1 They looked at "over a dozen ARE exam prep courses and chose the best based on accessibility, the variety of study resources available, cost, and support for different learning styles"2-and EduMind won Runner-Up Best Overall Architect Exam Prep Course of 2021! The features that helped us achieve this title are our Live Online and Ondemand options through which students can take virtual, instructor-led courses or study on their own time with prerecorded lecture videos, respectively. Our preview options, monthly subscriptions, and bundled pricing also boosted our ranking.

Another course reviewer, the CPA Accounting Institute for Success, notes that the first step to passing an exam is picking out the right study materials. They test and review top courses, noting the pros and cons of each, to help their users narrow down their search for exam prep courses or study materials. While conducting research on the best ARE 5.0 study materials, they considered resources like study guides, practice exams, practice questions, video tutorials, and more. This review site awarded EduMind a first-place ranking for 2021 Best Are 5.0 Study Materials. Some of the features that helped us reach this ranking are our instructor-provided course notes and Ondemand courses that students can take at their own pace, and free 30-day trial period. This review site observed, "At the end of the day, an educational course is only as good as its educators. Fortunately, EduMind has some of the best instructors you can find in an online ARE prep course, so you'll be in excellent hands when you sign up for a subscription. If you're even a little bit curious about their study materials, try their risk-free trial and see for yourself!"3

2. PMP Exam Prep

According to the Project Management Academy, which oversees creating and administering exams in PMP, CAPM®, and PMI-ACP®, the PMP exam consists of "180 multiple choice questions that prove you have the leadership experience and expertise in Project Management...[and t]he best way to ensure that you will qualify and pass the exam is to prepare for it."4 In addition to having a four-year degree and 36 months of leading projects, exam applicants will need to have 35 hours of project management education or training. EduMind's PMP exam prep courses provide this required 35 hours of education as well as application support so you can stop worrying about scheduling your exam and start preparing to pass it! One review site, Big 4 Accounting Firms, ranked us second best after considering the efficiency and originality of our PMP prep courses. Efficiency "reduces all the roadblocks that might get in the way of your progress, including contact hour requirements and exam registration"5 whereas our course construction (featuring live, virtual instruction with the option of Ondemand videos) means you can get the "best of both formats when you enroll- a knowledgeable instructor teaching you directly and at an accelerated pace."6 To keep students engaged, we offer several methods of communication, including discussion forums with other classmates and direct messaging to the instructor.

3. NCLEX Exam Prep

Nurses are required to pass the NCLEX exam to demonstrate their competency in nursing before receiving state licensure. This exam is a little different than most other professional licensure or certification exams in that it changes based on your performance. For example, if you submit the correct answer for a question, the next question will be more challenging. If you select the incorrect answer, the next question will be a little easier. With this type of testing style, one of the best actions you can take is to study items like practice problems and flash cards. Luckily for EduMind students, our NCLEX exam prep courses consist of hundreds of flash cards as well as instructor-generated practice problems. In fact, the comprehensive features of our nursing prep courses have attracted the attention of Crush the USMLE Exam, a medical education review provider, that ranked us second best NCLEX Review Course based on our practice questions, flash cards, exam generator, and subject-matter-expert instructors. Our free repeat was another positive attribute not found "with any other course on this list."7

We are so proud to have received these rankings from leading reviewers and we cannot thank our students and supporters enough for inspiring us to always go the extra mile and create innovative solutions. If you are interested in pursuing professional licensure or certification in ARE, PMP, or NCLEX, look no further than EduMind's top-rated courses and study materials. We look forward to helping you pursue your goals in professional education.


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