ARE® 5.0 Exam Review Guide: Practice Management

See why our ARE® 5.0 Exam Review Guide: Practice Management is the definitive source of study material for the ARE PCM exam.

  • AR-enhanced animations, flash cards, and mobile quizzes bring content to life
  • Authored by multiple subject-matter experts
  • Bold and defined vocabulary words
  • Example problems
  • Generous margins for notetaking
  • Tabbed pages for easy navigation

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Since 2004, EduMind has been helping individuals prepare for and pass their professional licensure and certification exams. Our ARE® 5.0 Exam Review Guide: Project Development & Documentation was authored by subject-matter experts who are passionate about guiding fellow architects to success. They have ensured this review material is presented in a straightforward manner to provide what you need to know to pass the ARE® PDD exam.

Complex subjects from NCARB’s exam objectives are broken down into logical, easy-to-understand segments, which will help you make the most of your study time by focusing only on essential content.

This volume includes industry-specific terminology, example problems, and calculations—all of which are explained in a step-by-step format to help you better understand how to solve for a particular equation or circumstance. We also provide innovative augmented reality (AR) tools like quizzes and flash cards to enhance your learning experience and memory recognition. To access the AR-enhanced content, simply scan the applicable code included at the beginning of each chapter (see detailed instructions inside).

We have also included the following features to help you prepare:

  • Tabbed pages for easy navigation
  • Wide margins for notetaking
  • Bold and defined vocabulary words

Your Success Is Our Success

At EduMind, we truly mean it when we say, “Your Success Is Our Success.” This is why we take such pride in enriching our students’ studies and building their confidence for their chosen exams. This book has been designed to facilitate our students’ success—not only on exam day, but throughout their careers.


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