4 Usual Mistakes that can Get Your Medical School Application Rejected

  • 30 May, 2016

4 Usual Mistakes that can Get Your Medical School Application Rejected

1. Applicants misjudge their deserving to a medical school

MCAT Scores are the primary yardstick to selection to a medical school. A candidate will get selected to a school only if he or she meets the minimum benchmark score as fixed by the medical school. If the score falls below the expectations of the schools, the application is rejected.

Quite often students make the mistake of applying to a medical school without having the faintest idea of their average MCAT score or GPA. If the scores are not adequate to meet the school's standards it is ideal to narrow down the search to schools where the scores are considered deserving for admission.

2. Failing to prove enthusiasm towards the admission process

While scores are an essential ingredient for medical school admission, they are not the only factor that admission officers account for. A student must be able to prove his or her enthusiasm in candidacy for a medical school through proactive planning.

Online MCAT Training
This could include signing up for online MCAT training classes on the weekends, attending to volunteer programs that improve medical learning, signing up for webinars on related topics and so on. Such programs can possibly lead to instances where the student might even get experience in real life patient care or clinical research. Undoubtedly, they are the best ways to impress an admission officer even before the interview.

3. Writing lackluster applications

The application is an instrument that will best present the ability of a student for medical school admission. If the application is written in a mediocre manner without any listing of accomplishments, academic credentials, personal statements, etc. it is almost destined to be rejected outright.

The application must be written in a positive and confident tone that depicts why the individual deserves to be admitted to the school. Excellent performance in online MCAT training classes on the weekends, area of special interest in the medical profession, a well-defined personal statement, etc. counts for a brilliant medical school application.

4. Failing to master the art of giving interviews

Giving interview is an art. Students need to groom themselves for the interview early to be in sync when the dates near.

Applicants must feel comfortable talking to people of authority like admission officers with ease. They must not let their introversion or nervousness get in the way of giving a straight-A kind of interview.

To conclude

While applying to medical school admissions, students must be realistic about why they deserve to be in the school. They must start early to fall in groove for taking stressful interviews and must prepare applications that brim with active interest towards becoming a medical professional.

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