Five Reasons for Failing the MCAT

  • 09 May, 2016

Perhaps the most dreaded word in the dictionary of pre-meds is the MCAT. With the power to decide the future of medical aspirants, the test is challenging and daunting at the same time. It is not unusual for first time test-takers to fail the MCAT. However, if you're looking for ways to guarantee success on your first attempt, you should know where and why most pre-meds go wrong.

We give you the five common reasons for failing the MCAT:

1. The rushed up study routine
There's a lot of difference between skillfully crafting a painting and hastily throwing a few colors together on canvas. The same goes for your MCAT prep. Cramming information a few weeks before your scheduled test is going to lead you nowhere. Not only do you skip key pieces of information, but you also end up doing a botched-up job of revision and practice.

What to do: Allot at least three months for your MCAT prep.

2. Wrong course material
The choice of study material is entirely dependent on what works for you the best. However, in a bid to save few bucks, pre-meds make the mistake of opting for free online course material. Such materials provided by un-reputed education service providers are often filled with errors.

What to do: Refer course materials recommended by top service providers only. EduMind's online MCAT course provides students with customized handouts prepared by experts.

3. The 'I'm invincible' vibe
No war in the history of mankind was ever won single-handedly. If you think you can do your MCAT prep without help, then you can never be more wrong. You might have bought the right course books and charted the perfect study schedule. So, what could go wrong? First time test-takers need to be aware that the MCAT is unlike any other exam they've ever faced throughout their pre-med years. The right guidance is required in order to ace the MCAT.

What to do: Join EduMind's Online MCAT prep classes to avail expert guidance and a comprehensive review of the course.

4. Not identifying strengths and weaknesses
Every individual has his/her own set of strengths and weaknesses that define him/her as a person. When it comes to MCAT prep, failing to identify your weakness and working at it, is one of the main reasons for failing the MCAT.

What to do: Avail EduMind's Core Specific Training to gain a comprehensive overview on MCAT sections that you find difficult. From Physical Sciences to CARS, the online MCAT course helps you strengthen your core knowledge.

5. Exam jitters
Clearing MCAT is a Herculean task but it is also your doorway to becoming a doctor. It's instinctive to be afraid, but letting fear override your senses is a no-go. Several pre-meds blamed a sheer lack of confidence as the main reason for failing. No matter how good your online MCAT prep is, you'll need to keep your focus before and while taking the actual exam to succeed.

What to do: Talk to your peers to calm your nerves. EduMind allows students to avail the discussion forum feature with its online MCAT course. You can also take up meditation to deal with pre-MCAT stress

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